Fabio Frizzi's You Are Not The Same from Lucio Fulci's film Luca Il Contrabbandiere

It is now April 9th, 2019. Yesterday I learned to play Fabio Frizzi's composition You Are Not The Same on the electric guitar, meaning the vocal melody and the horn parts. I do not know the chords. This song was performed by a little known artist called Cricket that I know practically nothing about. The song plays in Lucio Fulci's gangster movie Luca il Contrabbandiere (The Smuggler, 1980).

That film is not too good, but it has a great musical score by Fabio Frizzi. Today I recorded a pretty sloppy fuzz solo guitar rendition of You Are Not The Same. The video you are about to see is the first take, and it contains some embarrassing mistakes, but I just do not care now, and am too lazy to record another take.

The gear I used was simple:

I used the Gibson SG's neck pickup with volume and tone maxed out. The Vox AC30 head was running totally clean using its brilliant channel. Fulltone '69 had fuzz turned full on, bias very high and volume about at 12 o'clock.

Nokia 5 microphone is pretty bad, so it did not capture my guitar tone all that well. But believe me, it did sound pretty good live tone-wise, except for the occasional silly mistakes! I played with headphones on, listening to You Are Not The Same from Youtube.

This song does not have a proper ending. It just fades out repeating the horn riff, so I just ended with a stupid sounding lick that does not fit to the song!

Kalevi Kolttonen sloppy fuzz solo guitar version of You Are Not The Same

Cricket's original You Are Not The Same

Kalevi Kolttonen <kalevi@kolttonen.fi>
Helsinki, Finland
April 9th, 2019