L'Ultimo Cacciatore

The Last Hunter

directed by Antonio Margheriti
released in 1980
duration 95 minutes

Holy hell. What on earth was I thinking? I fucking hate war and all the films that glorify war, and L'Ultimo Cacciatore (The Last Hunter) is a war film. Well, I guess I was temporarily out of my mind, but I have a couple of pretty sad excuses in case you want to hear them.

First, as of the date of this writing (March 26th, 2010) I am sort of tracing the career of the director Antonio Margheriti, and L'Ultimo Cacciatore is one of his films. Second, the DVD was dirt cheap, so I figured out I would not lose much money, whatever the outcome.

I should have known better. L'Ultimo Cacciatore is just as stupid as can be imagined. It is full of sweaty macho-men jumping around in a fucking boring jungle environment. The acting is simply atrocious and the dialogue is outright racistic at times. What a fucking drag.

As a fitting example of the quality of the acting, imagine this: Tisa Farrow (yes, Mia Farrow's sister) is engaged in a supposedly emotional conversation with David Warbeck (the lead of this film). She's in the middle of explaining her deep personal tragedy. We get to hear that she has lost two of her closest people to the war in Vietnam. As the tragic dialogue pours out of her fucking mouth, she is actually smiling. Yes! What an idiot! No wonder her acting career ended very quickly. I guess the producers and directors figured out she cannot act one bit, and she is definitely not worth hiring just for the looks either! Awful, my friend, just awful.

I have to confess I used the Fast Forward button after an hour or so into this movie. L'Ultimo Cacciatore is a forgettable, boring, stupid, racistic movie that is definitely not worth seeing. To set the record straight, I returned the shitty DVD to the store I had bought it from. I consider myself very lucky because they actually took it back, and gave some monetary credit for buying new movies. If they had not accepted it, in all likelihood I would have tossed it into the trashcan. It is that bad.

If you have any sense, you will not repeat my mistake and you will avoid this stupid movie. Do not think twice, pass!

copyright © 2010 Kalevi Kolttonen <kalevi@kolttonen.fi>