La Morte Negli Occhi del Gatto

Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye

directed by Antonio Margheriti
released in 1973
duration 95 minutes

Like many Italian directors, Antonio Margheriti has eye for visually pleasing scenes. La Morte Negli Occhi del Gatto (Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye) is a nice little horror flick set in an old castle. The plot is not that complicated: There is a killer on the loose, and as the victims fall, a quite ridiculous yellow cat serves as a witness for the killings. Hence the title of the movie.

Although the bodycount is not that high and the violence is not that graphic, this film manages to be entertaining. It is a bit slow at times, yes, but the beautiful cinematography provides enough eye candy to keep the viewer interested. Jane Birkin also looks very attractive here. This is a good, traditional, gothic horror movie worth seeing.

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