Incubo Sulla Citta Contaminata

Nightmare City

City of the Walking Dead

Invasion by the Atomic Zombies

directed by Umberto Lenzi
released in 1980
duration 92 minutes

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Hah hah haa! Incubo Sulla Citta Contaminata (Nightmare City) is a quite good, old-school zombie movie from Italy. This film is not as stylish as, say, Lucio Fulci's gothic horrors, but it works fine anyway. While Lucio Fulci was almost always careful about creating the proper atmosphere, beautiful cinematography and choosing the suitable soundtracks, Umberto Lenzi has cut many corners and adopted a looser approach here.

Put another way, this is definitely a sloppy, trashy and sleazy movie, but it somehow manages to be all that in a good, enjoyable way. Hell, zombie movies are not the most profound films on this planet, and while this one takes itself totally seriously, it is really good fun. Compared to Fulci's zombies, the zombies in this film move pretty quickly. It is hilarious.

The plot is of course completely ridiculous too, having something to do with atomic radiation causing people to turn into blood-thirsty zombies. But honestly, who cares about the plot in movies like this? Watching a good zombie movie is much like reading a silly comic book.

I highly recommend Incubo Sulla Citta Contaminata. It comes with a good laughs guarantee.


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