directed by Robert Day
released in 1965
duration 101 minutes

In the review for Dracula: Prince of Darkness I already mentioned that I bought the Hammer DVD Box that contains 21 films. I also said that I was hoping it would include good movies. The first one I watched was Dracula: Prince of Darkness and that movie was all right.

Tonight I started right from the beginning, choosing the first movie of the book one, called She. The good news first: Ursula Andress looks good. Then the bad news: She is a fucking boring movie. Not even Christopher Lee's presence can save it. The problem is that it takes forever for things to happen, and even then, there is nothing much worth noting. I started using the Fast Forward button after approximately 26 minutes into the movie.

This is an outdated movie in every respect and it is a bit hard to classify its genre. Probably the most accurate description is to call it an old-fashioned (in a bad way!) adventure movie, with some supernatural touches added. Do you want to see sweaty, tanned morons riding camels in the desert? Do you want to get bored watching a movie where almost nothing happens? For the fans of boring movies, She is a good find. Sensible people will skip this shit! What a huge letdown and a terrible start for this box set!

A frightening thought has entered my brain: What if the rest of the movies in the box set are this bad too? Fuck!

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