L'Assassino e Costretto ad Uccidere Ancora

Il Spagno

The Spider

The Killer Must Kill Again

The Killer Must Strike Again

The Dark Is Death's Friend

directed by Luigi Cozzi
released in 1975
duration 90 minutes

Il Spagno (The Killer Must Kill Again) is a good giallo and nice debut by director Luigi Cozzi. This film mostly relies on building a suspenseful mood and on its beautiful cinematography. The colours look simply fantastic. Just take a close look at the opening scene where a bright red Volkswagen Beetle is drowned in a dock. Fantastic.

Compared to other giallos, Il Spagno is exceptional in that it does not contain the mystery element that is so common in the genre. The killer's identity is intentionally evident right from the beginning. Despite that, this film works well.

Another exceptional feature is the lack of a real soundtrack. Many giallos have fantastic soundtracks, but this one only has occasional sound effects and some guitar wailing. I must say I really loved the wah-wah pedal soaked, psychedelic rock guitar solos that we get to hear when two main characters, a young man (Alessio Orano) and a young woman (Cristina Galbo) run away in a stolen car.

All in all, this is a good but not great movie. Recommended for the fans of the giallo genre.

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