Firejail for Fedora Linux

Firejail is an easy-to-use security program for Linux. Because it relies on Linux kernel's security features, it is not portable to FreeBSD or other Unix systems. I did not write this program, I just offer RPMs for Fedora Linux for easy installation.

Here are quick instructions for sandboxing Firefox web browser using Firejail.

First install Firejail:

sudo rpm -Uvh /path/to/downloaded/firejail-0.9.57-git20190120.fc29.1kk.x86_64.rpm

Then, as a regular user, create a directory for Firefox:

mkdir ~/firefox-home

Start Firefox under Firejail's security control:

firejail --private=~/firefox-home firefox

I always start Firefox from the terminal window and not from the GUI menus or via clickable icons. In my /home/kalevi/.bashrc I have:

alias f='firejail --private=/home/kalevi/firefox-home firefox'

So I can launch Firefox by typing a simple command f. Very convenient.

If you add your alias in your ~/.bashrc and want it to be effective right away, type:

. ~/.bashrc

It tells Bash to read in ~/.bashrc settings.