ORIC Atmos

It is now May 3rd, 2018. I have just received my boxed ORIC Atmos 8-bit home computer. This machine arrived from Spain, and it was originally manufactured in the UK. The box is in a little bit worse condition that I expected, it is admittedly pretty rough, but it is there.

This is the ORIC machine that is capable of running the legendary ORIC Manic Miner port. ORIC-1 cannot do that for some reason. According to Tekniikan Maailma 10/1984 ORIC Atmos review, those two computers have different memory maps. That might well be the reason for Manic Miner game incompatibility.

In any case, here are some photos. Note that the serial number 221725 matches. It is exactly the same on the box and at the bottom of the computer.

oric atmos 01
oric atmos 02
oric atmos 03
oric atmos 04
oric atmos 05
oric atmos 06
oric atmos 07
oric atmos 08
oric atmos 09
oric atmos 10
oric atmos 11
oric atmos 12
oric atmos 13

I assume that this is a joystick adapter:

oric joystick adapter

As a nice bonus, the seller also included a tape that he did not mention in his eBay ad. It is called Green Cross Toad. This game is a Frogger clone. Those were very common back in the 1980s. All 8-bit systems had plenty of them.

oric tape green cross toad

UPDATE May 16th, 2018: Here is an ad in Tekniikan Maailma magazine 8/1984:

tekniikan maailma 8 1984 magazine ad oric atmos

I have translated this ad into English like this:

Oric Atmos blows up the boundaries!

BLOW UP THE BOUNDARIES OF YOUR IMAGINATION! Oric Atmos is celebration of computing!

Its astounding capacity (64kB) poses no limits for your imagination, but allows you to finish your plans. No compromises. Even the price is no longer a hindrance for getting a good microcomputer. If you want to do other things besides gaming, remember Oric - one of the most sold computers in Europe. There exists a special magazine for Oric users called Oric Owner. It is published six times a year, full of newest computing news. Oric Atmos comes with Telset-support. Real typewriter-style keyboard. Graphics, sound, color. 64 k RAM. 16 k ROM. 3" microdrive as an accessory. Lots of programs, including accounting for small businesses, word processing, Oric-Calc spreadsheet, Oric-Base database and high school mathematics tutorial programs. And the Atmos games are among the best! Get to know Oric right away!


Importer: COMTRON OY, Santaholmankuja 5, 02160 ESPOO, phone 90-422133

Resellers: well-equipped microcomputer stores

And here is Welcome To Oric Atmos 48K tape I just got from Spain yesterday (May 15th, 2018):

welcome to oric atmos tape

UPDATE July 22nd, 2018: I have bought Oric Microdisc floppy drive. It is extremely rare! If I remember right, it cost about 260€. The seller advertised this floppy drive as non-working, so I believe it is not functional. Perhaps somebody could fix it, but I got it just for the cool looks!

oric microdisc drive 01
oric microdisc drive 02
oric microdisc drive 03
oric microdisc drive 04
oric microdisc drive 05
oric microdisc drive 06
oric microdisc drive 07
oric microdisc drive 08
oric microdisc drive 09
oric microdisc drive 10