ColEm Colecovision emulator for Fedora Linux

Marat Fayzullin has written a wonderful, small Colecovision console emulator called ColEm. His code is clean and well written. Mr. Fayzullin intends it to serve as a learning example for people who wish to study emulators. It surely serves that purpose very well.

I packaged his ColEm for Fedora Linux and you can download both the source RPM and the binary RPM from here. However, please note that those RPM packages do not contain the COLECO.ROM (Colecovision system ROM) so ColEm emulator will not work right out of the box. The original source does not ship with COLECO.ROM for copyright reasons, I suppose.

But no worries, I have created a tiny RPM containing the Colecovision system ROM just to make Fedora Linux users' life easier! To reiterate: Mr. Fayzullin ships only his own C source code, the COLECO.ROM is not part of his distribution, so do not blame him for that!

The binary and source RPMs contain a one-line patch to modify Coleco.c so that ColEm will search the system ROM from path /opt/colem/systemrom/COLECO.ROM.

To install ColEm emulator, become root and issue command:

dnf -y install /path/to/the/downloaded/colem-4.2-kk4.x86_64.rpm

To install the required COLECO.ROM, become root and issue command:

dnf -y install /path/to/the/downloaded/colecovision-system-rom-1.0.0-2.noarch.rpm

Finally to run the emulator and start Boulder Dash found later on this page:

/opt/colem/bin/colem /path/to/your/boulder_dash_colecovision.rom.gz

There is no Unix manual page for ColEm, but the HTML format manual will be installed as /opt/colem/doc/ColEm.html. Use any web browser to read that file.

Marat Fayzullin's code is open, but ColEm is not GNU GPL or BSD licensed. Fayzullin's license does not allow commercial use and thus I am redistributing the code for free, simply to help other Fedora Linux users with the installation!

If you need a commercial license for ColEm, please go to Mr. Fayzullin's ColEm page and contact him for details.

UPDATE 2018-01-21: I tried to play Boulder Dash using ColEm, but could not start the game! Colecovision Boulder Dash requires the user to push # button and ColEm maps PC key = to the pound sign. It probably works on a US keyboard, but on a Finnish keyboard it was quite impossible to start the game: no key would work, with or without SHIFT being pressed. So I had to patch Unix.c to also map F10 to a pound button!

While we are at it, here is the Colecovision Boulder Dash ROM cartridge image. Yes, I am a lawful owner of the cartridge and this is my personal backup file.

I could start the game with F10 followed by 1. Here is the second screen as a proof:

colecovision boulder dash