Clang 8 git snapshot including CLANG_PARANOID patch

This is an unofficial, unsupported git snapshot release of Clang 8 C compiler. The RPM packages available below contain LLVM compiler infrastructure, so there is no need for separate LLVM packages. Please do not send any bug reports concerning this unofficial Clang 8 release to the Clang developers or to anyone else.

This snapshot release has one very simple patch that makes it possible for Clang 8 to emit warnings for all functions that have their return value ignored. Normally Clang 8 only warns about pure functions and the functions that have a special attribute set to enable unused return value warnings.

If you want to test CLANG_PARANOID extension, save the following C program as foo.c:

#include <systemd/sd-daemon.h>

int main(void)
	sd_notify(0, "READY=1");

	return 0;

Then compile it like this:

[kalevi@localhost]$ CLANG_PARANOID=1 /opt/clang-8-snapshot/usr/bin/clang foo.c -lsystemd
foo.c:5:2: warning: expression result unused [-Wunused-value]
        sd_notify(0, "READY=1");
        ^~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
1 warning generated.

Here are the RPMs. In addition to Fedora Linux 28, the source RPM also compiles fine on Fedora Linux 29.

NOTE: The binary RPM is pretty huge, it is over 800MB. The source RPM is something like 40MB.