Death Wish

Väkivallan Vihollinen

directed by Michael Winner
released in 1974
duration 93 minutes

Yeah! This is a winner! What a superb, classic vigilante film starring Charles Bronson. Death Wish is really one of those movies that you must see. Some lamers try to put this movie down, but their efforts are doomed to fail. The action movie loving crowds have always admired and cherished Death Wish, no matter what the stupid "serious film critics" have said.

Charles Bronson just shines in this movie. In some ways, Death Wish is like an urban adaptation of Sergio Leone's C'Era Una Volta il West (Once Upon a Time in the West). The avenger theme is very strong here. There is also enough suspense and action. Herbie Hancock's nice, swinging soundtrack crowns the flawless whole. I totally recommend this classic movie to everybody.

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