Zombi Holocaust

Zombie Holocaust

Dr. Butcher, MD

directed by Marino Girolami
released in 1980
duration 84 minutes

Ian McCulloch, familiar from Lucio Fulci's Zombi 2 (1979) and Luigi Cozzi's Contamination (1980) stars in this trashy Italian movie. Zombie Holocaust shares many of the traits of Zombi 2, but in my opinion it is worse in every respect. Fulci was simply a better director than Marino Girolami who is credited as "Frank Martin".

Even though I have called this movie "trashy", it is not my intention to put it down. In fact Zombi Holocaust is trashy in a funny and very entertaining way. It combines both zombie and cannibal themes, and I certainly like it.

Taken as an entertaining piece of italo trash it is, Zombi Holocaust does not disappoint. Highly recommended, but make sure to avoid the US version titled Dr. Butcher, MD. That one is censored and I have also read that they have inserted into it scenes from a completely different american movie, ruining the original Zombi Holocaust in the process of doing so.

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