Non si sevizia un paperino

Don't torture a duckling

Don't torture Donald Duck


La longue nuit de l'exorcisme

The long night of exorcism

directed by Lucio Fulci
released in 1972
duration 105 minutes

original italian locandina poster

original italian fotobusta poster

french poster

Donald Duck (not tortured, the missing head was created using image manipulation)

VHS video front Odyssey French release

VHS video back Odyssey French release

VHS video front Sunrise Tapes Dutch release

VHS video back Sunrise Tapes Dutch release

I am going to make it short and sweet this time. What a great, visually stunning thriller! A giallo of the highest caliber, this ranks among Lucio Fulci's best works and is equal to what Dario Argento has ever done. Some critics say that this movie is a masterpiece and I agree with them. The Catholic Church hates Non si sevizia un paperino and wants you not to see it. That alone is a reason why everybody must see it. The priests persecuted Fulci for years, and prevented US theatrical release altogether. Those fucking bastards.