I Guerrieri dell' Anno 2072

The New Warriors

directed by Lucio Fulci
released in 1984
duration 88 minutes

Italian DVD front

If you are expecting lots of blood, you will be disappointed. I Guerrieri dell' Anno 2072 contains just two gory killings, but there is enough action to satisfy fans of action movies.

Fulci's visions of Rome in 2072 are fascinating to watch, and I consider this is a decent sci-fi movie. Of course the budget was small, but Fulci has spent the money well and has created a watchable film. The only downside is that I missed most of the dialogue. I could not find a DVD or a Blu-Ray with English soundtrack, and I do not really understand Italian. So I am looking forward to watching this movie again and understanding the plot better.

Recommended for sci-fi and action fans, but not to the so-called "gorehounds".