Kalevi Kolttonen retrogame collection samples

This page contains samples of my retrogame collection. This is not everything I own, as I do not have the time to go through everything. Please note:

Anyway, I have dedicated a huge amount of time and effort to collect these. How did I choose these samples? Well, I do not know! I just unloaded many storage boxes and took pictures of the stuff that I found interesting. Many nice releases were intentionally left out, especially some rare and cool tape releases. One sad omission is most Cosmi titles - I have several Aztec Challenge ja Forbidden Forest releases, but could not find the storage box.

One final warning! I especially like Boulder Dash 8-bit releases, so those titles have a separate page with several photos. Enjoy!

001action bikerc64disk c64 disk action biker
002alley catataridisk atari disk alley cat
003ancipital spanish releasec64tape c64 tape ancipital spanish release
004archon2c64disk c64 disk archon2
005archon2 small boxc64tape c64 tape archon2 small box
006archonc64disk c64 disk archon
007assembler64c64tape c64 tape assembler64
008attack of the mutant camels small box alternative coverc64tape c64 tape attack of the mutant camels small box alternative cover
009attack of the mutant camels small boxc64tape c64 tape attack of the mutant camels small box
010automaniac64tape c64 tape automania
011aztec ukataridisk atari disk aztec uk
012balloon rescuec64tape c64 tape balloon rescue
013bat attackc64tape c64 tape bat attack
014beach head2 aackosoftc64tape c64 tape beach head2 aackosoft
015beach head2c64disk c64 disk beach head2
016beach headc64disk c64 disk beach head
017beamrider australian releasec64cartridge c64 cartridge beamrider australian release
018beyond the forbidden forest uk releasec64disk c64 disk beyond the forbidden forest uk release
019beyond the forbidden forest uk releasec64tape c64 tape beyond the forbidden forest uk release
020big benc64tape c64 tape big ben
021black thunderc64tape c64 tape black thunder
022blagger clamshell price shown on coverc64tape c64 tape blagger clamshell price shown on cover
023blaggeracorntape acorn tape blagger
024blaggeramstradtape amstrad tape blagger
025blaggermsxtape msx tape blagger
026blagger small casec64tape c64 tape blagger small case
027blue max 2001 synapse softwarec64disk c64 disk blue max 2001 synapse software
028blue max 2001 synsoftataridisk atari disk blue max 2001 synsoft
029blue max synapse softwareataridisk atari disk blue max synapse software
030blue max synapse softwarec64tape c64 tape blue max synapse software
031blue max synsoftataridisk atari disk blue max synsoft
032blue max synsoftataritape atari tape blue max synsoft
033blue max synsoftc64disk c64 disk blue max synsoft
034blue max synsoftc64tape c64 tape blue max synsoft
035bounty bob strikes back eaglesoft huge plastic boxc64tape c64 tape bounty bob strikes back eaglesoft huge plastic box
036brandsc64tape c64 tape brands
037breakdancec64disk c64 disk breakdance
038bruce leeamstraddisk amstrad disk bruce lee
039bruce leeataridisk atari disk bruce lee
040bruce leebbcdisk bbc disk bruce lee
041bruce leec64disk c64 disk bruce lee
042bruce lee small boxataritape atari tape bruce lee small box
043bruce lee uk releasec64disk c64 disk bruce lee uk release
044bug blasterc64tape c64 tape bug blaster
045burger time clamshell boxc64tape c64 tape burger time clamshell box
046burger timec64disk c64 disk burger time
047caverns of khafkac64tape c64 tape caverns of khafka
048championship lode runnerc64disk c64 disk championship lode runner
049chillerc64disk c64 disk chiller
050china miner alternative cover art clamshell boxc64tape c64 tape china miner alternative cover art clamshell box
051china minerc64disk c64 disk china miner
052choplifterc64cartridge c64 cartridge choplifter
053choplifterc64disk c64 disk choplifter
054choplifter small boxc64tape c64 tape choplifter small box
055chuckie egg alternative coverdragontape dragon tape chuckie egg alternative cover
056chuckie eggamstradtape amstrad tape chuckie egg
057chuckie eggataritape atari tape chuckie egg
058chuckie eggdragontape dragon tape chuckie egg
059chuckie eggmsxtape msx tape chuckie egg
060cobrac64tape c64 tape cobra
061cobra uk releasec64disk c64 disk cobra uk release
062commando big boxc64tape c64 tape commando big box
063conan uk releasec64disk c64 disk conan uk release
064conan usa releasec64disk c64 disk conan usa release
065crazy kongc64disk c64 disk crazy kong
066cuddly cuburtc64disk c64 disk cuddly cuburt
067damsel in distressc64tape c64 tape damsel in distress
068decathlon australian releasec64cartridge c64 cartridge decathlon australian release
069decathlonc64cartridge c64 cartridge decathlon
070defender64c64disk c64 disk defender64
071deltac64disk c64 disk delta
072doughboy synsoftc64tape c64 tape doughboy synsoft
073drelbs synapse softwarec64disk c64 disk drelbs synapse software
074drelbs synsoftc64disk c64 disk drelbs synsoft
075druidc64disk c64 disk druid
076dynablasteramigadisk amiga disk dynablaster
077eagle empirec64tape c64 tape eagle empire
078everyones a wally big boxc64tape c64 tape everyones a wally big box
079everyones a wally small boxc64tape c64 tape everyones a wally small box
080fighting warriorc64disk c64 disk fighting warrior
081fire antc64tape c64 tape fire ant
082fire questc64tape c64 tape fire quest
083fist2c64disk c64 disk fist2
084fistful of func64disk c64 disk fistful of fun
085flight path 737c64disk c64 disk flight path 737
086flip and flopc64tape c64 tape flip and flop
087fort apocalypse synapse softwareataricartridge atari cartridge fort apocalypse synapse software
088fort apocalypse synapse softwarec64disk c64 disk fort apocalypse synapse software
089fort apocalypse synsoftataritape atari tape fort apocalypse synsoft
090fort apocalypse synsoftc64tape c64 tape fort apocalypse synsoft
091frakc64disk c64 disk frak
092frankie goes to hollywoodc64tape c64 tape frankie goes to hollywood
093gateway to apshai big plastic boxc64tape c64 tape gateway to apshai big plastic box
094gateway to apshai cbsc64tape c64 tape gateway to apshai cbs
095gateway to apshaiataricartridge atari cartridge gateway to apshai
096gateway to apshaic64cartridge c64 cartridge gateway to apshai
097gauntlet2 uk releasec64disk c64 disk gauntlet2 uk release
098gauntletc64disk c64 disk gauntlet
099get off my gardenc64disk c64 disk get off my garden
100ghostbustersataridisk atari disk ghostbusters
101ghostbustersc64cartridge c64 cartridge ghostbusters
102ghostbustersc64disk c64 disk ghostbusters
103ghost n goblinsc64disk c64 disk ghost n goblins
104gooniesc64disk c64 disk goonies
105gorfc64cartridge c64 cartridge gorf
106green beretc64disk c64 disk green beret
107gryphonc64tape c64 tape gryphon
108guardianc64tape c64 tape guardian
109herberts dummy runc64tape c64 tape herberts dummy run
110heroes of karnc64disk c64 disk heroes of karn
111heroc64cartridge c64 cartridge hero
112house of usheramstradtape amstrad tape house of usher
113house of usherataritape atari tape house of usher
114house of usherc64disk c64 disk house of usher
115house of usherc64tape c64 tape house of usher
116house of usher kingsoft clamshell boxc64tape c64 tape house of usher kingsoft clamshell box
117hungry horacespectrumcartridge spectrum cartridge hungry horace
118ice hunterc64tape c64 tape ice hunter
119impossible mission big boxc64tape c64 tape impossible mission big box
120impossible mission budget releasec64disk c64 disk impossible mission budget release
121impossible mission cbsc64tape c64 tape impossible mission cbs
122impossible mission hard boxc64tape c64 tape impossible mission hard box
123impossible mission rushwarec64tape c64 tape impossible mission rushware
124impossible mission uk releasec64disk c64 disk impossible mission uk release
125impossible mission us releasec64disk c64 disk impossible mission us release
126iridis alphac64disk c64 disk iridis alpha
127jet pacspectrumcartridge spectrum cartridge jet pac
128jumpman big boxc64disk c64 disk jumpman big box
129jumpman cbsc64disk c64 disk jumpman cbs
130jumpman cbsc64tape c64 tape jumpman cbs
131jumpman huge plastic boxc64tape c64 tape jumpman huge plastic box
132jumpman small boxc64tape c64 tape jumpman small box
133killer wattc64tape c64 tape killer watt
134knight riderc64tape c64 tape knight rider
135knight rider uk releasec64disk c64 disk knight rider uk release
136krakoutc64disk c64 disk krakout
137kungfu masterc64disk c64 disk kungfu master
138lady tutc64disk c64 disk lady tut
139lazy jones small boxc64tape c64 tape lazy jones small box
140lode runnerc64cartridge c64 cartridge lode runner
141magic mushroomsbbcdisk bbc disk magic mushrooms
142max headroomc64tape c64 tape max headroom
143miami vicec64tape c64 tape miami vice
144miami vice uk releasec64disk c64 disk miami vice uk release
145mine madnessvic20cartridge vic20 cartridge mine madness
146miner 2049erc64cartridge c64 cartridge miner 2049er
147montezumas revenge databyteataridisk atari disk montezumas revenge databyte
148montezumas revenge databytec64disk c64 disk montezumas revenge databyte
149monty on the runc64disk c64 disk monty on the run
150moon buggyc64disk c64 disk moon buggy
151motor maniac64tape c64 tape motor mania
152mr coolc64cartridge c64 cartridge mr cool
153mr robot beyondc64disk c64 disk mr robot beyond
154mr robot databyteataridisk atari disk mr robot databyte
155mule ariolasoftc64tape c64 tape mule ariolasoft
156mutant herdvic20cartridge vic20 cartridge mutant herd
157netherworldc64disk c64 disk netherworld
158night mission pinballc64disk c64 disk night mission pinball
159out on a limbc64tape c64 tape out on a limb
160panic64c64disk c64 disk panic64
161panic planetc64tape c64 tape panic planet
162panic swedish releasec64tape c64 tape panic swedish release
163paradroidc64disk c64 disk paradroid
164pastfinder australian releasec64cartridge c64 cartridge pastfinder australian release
165pharaohs curse synapse softwarec64tape c64 tape pharaohs curse synapse software
166pitfall2ataritape atari tape pitfall2
167pitfall2c64cartridge c64 cartridge pitfall2
168pitfall2msxcartridge msx cartridge pitfall2
169pitfall2tandydisk tandy disk pitfall2
170pitfall australian releasec64cartridge c64 cartridge pitfall australian release
171pitfallc64cartridge c64 cartridge pitfall
172pitstop2 cbsc64tape c64 tape pitstop2 cbs
173pitstop2 hard boxc64tape c64 tape pitstop2 hard box
174pitstop2 rushwareataridisk atari disk pitstop2 rushware
175pitstop2 rushwarec64tape c64 tape pitstop2 rushware
176pitstop2 soft square boxc64tape c64 tape pitstop2 soft square box
177pitstop2 uk releasec64disk c64 disk pitstop2 uk release
178polar pierre databytec64disk c64 disk polar pierre databyte
179polar pierre databytec64tape c64 tape polar pierre databyte
180pole position ukataridisk atari disk pole position uk
181poster pasterc64disk c64 disk poster paster
182protector2 synapse softwarec64disk c64 disk protector2 synapse software
183psychedeliac64tape c64 tape psychedelia
184pyjamaramac64tape c64 tape pyjamarama
185quangoc64tape c64 tape quango
186quasimodo synsoftataridisk atari disk quasimodo synsoft
187quasimodo synsoftc64tape c64 tape quasimodo synsoft
188quest for quintana rooc64tape c64 tape quest for quintana roo
189quo vadisc64tape c64 tape quo vadis
190racing destruction setc64tape c64 tape racing destruction set
191raid over moscow uk releasec64disk c64 disk raid over moscow uk release
192rainbow walker synapse softwareataritape atari tape rainbow walker synapse software
193rambo2 thunder mountainc64disk c64 disk rambo2 thunder mountain
194rambo2 uk releasec64disk c64 disk rambo2 uk release
195revenge of the mutant camelsc64disk c64 disk revenge of the mutant camels
196river raid australian releasec64cartridge c64 cartridge river raid australian release
197rocket rogerc64tape c64 tape rocket roger
198sanxionc64disk c64 disk sanxion
199scramble64c64disk c64 disk scramble64
200scramble64c64tape c64 tape scramble64
201seaside specialc64disk c64 disk seaside special
202sentinel firebirdc64disk c64 disk sentinel firebird
203shamus case2c64disk c64 disk shamus case2
204shamus synapse softwarec64disk c64 disk shamus synapse software
205sheep in spacec64tape c64 tape sheep in space
206siren cityc64disk c64 disk siren city
207skramblec64tape c64 tape skramble
208slamball synapse softwarec64tape c64 tape slamball synapse software
209slapshotc64disk c64 disk slapshot
210slapshot small boxc64tape c64 tape slapshot small box
211space pilotc64disk c64 disk space pilot
212spelunker broderbundataridisk atari disk spelunker broderbund
213spelunkerc64tape c64 tape spelunker
214spitfire acec64disk c64 disk spitfire ace
215spritemanc64disk c64 disk spriteman
216spy hunter huge plastic boxc64disk c64 disk spy hunter huge plastic box
217spy hunterataridisk atari disk spy hunter
218spy vs spy2 beyondc64tape c64 tape spy vs spy2 beyond
219spy vs spy2 databyteataridisk atari disk spy vs spy2 databyte
220spy vs spy2 databytec64disk c64 disk spy vs spy2 databyte
221spy vs spy2 first starc64disk c64 disk spy vs spy2 first star
222spy vs spy3 databytec64disk c64 disk spy vs spy3 databyte
223spy vs spy3c64tape c64 tape spy vs spy3
224spy vs spy beyondc64tape c64 tape spy vs spy beyond
225spy vs spy databyteataridisk atari disk spy vs spy databyte
226spy vs spy first starc64disk c64 disk spy vs spy first star
227star trekc64disk c64 disk star trek
228summer games2 album versionc64disk c64 disk summer games2 album version
229summer games2 album version yellowc64disk c64 disk summer games2 album version yellow
230summer games2 big german boxc64tape c64 tape summer games2 big german box
231summer games2 cbsc64tape c64 tape summer games2 cbs
232summer games2 yellowc64tape c64 tape summer games2 yellow
233summer games album versionc64disk c64 disk summer games album version
234summer games big boxc64tape c64 tape summer games big box
235summer games big plastic boxc64tape c64 tape summer games big plastic box
236summer games hard boxc64tape c64 tape summer games hard box
237summer games quicksilvac64tape c64 tape summer games quicksilva
238super pipeline2c64disk c64 disk super pipeline2
239super pipelinec64disk c64 disk super pipeline
240survivor synapse softwarec64disk c64 disk survivor synapse software
241tales of the arabian nightsc64disk c64 disk tales of the arabian nights
242tapper ukataridisk atari disk tapper uk
243theatre europec64disk c64 disk theatre europe
244the castles of dr creepc64disk c64 disk the castles of dr creep
245the dallas quest uk releasec64disk c64 disk the dallas quest uk release
246the way of the exploding fistc64disk c64 disk the way of the exploding fist
247tietomestaric64tape c64 tape tietomestari
248tietomestarivic20tape vic20 tape tietomestari
249token of ghallc64disk c64 disk token of ghall
250tom thumbc64tape c64 tape tom thumb
251toy bizarrec64disk c64 disk toy bizarre
252trollie wallie clamshell boxc64tape c64 tape trollie wallie clamshell box
253trollie walliec64disk c64 disk trollie wallie
254trollie wallie small boxc64tape c64 tape trollie wallie small box
255up n downc64cartridge c64 cartridge up n down
256up n downc64disk c64 disk up n down
257uridium and paradroid uk double packc64disk c64 disk uridium and paradroid uk double pack
258uridium uk releasec64disk c64 disk uridium uk release
259vortex raiderc64disk c64 disk vortex raider
260v uk releasec64disk c64 disk v uk release
261wallie goes to rhymelandc64disk c64 disk wallie goes to rhymeland
262wheelin walliec64disk c64 disk wheelin wallie
263wheres my bonesc64disk c64 disk wheres my bones
264who dares wins2 italianc64tape c64 tape who dares wins2 italian
265winter games album versionc64disk c64 disk winter games album version
266winter games big plastic boxc64tape c64 tape winter games big plastic box
267winter games cbsc64tape c64 tape winter games cbs
268winter games hard boxc64tape c64 tape winter games hard box
269wizardc64disk c64 disk wizard
270wizard of wor big boxc64cartridge c64 cartridge wizard of wor big box
271wizard of wor small boxc64cartridge c64 cartridge wizard of wor small box
272wizardryc64disk c64 disk wizardry
273world games album versionc64disk c64 disk world games album version
274wunda walter small boxvic20tape vic20 tape wunda walter small box
275yleisurheiluc64tape c64 tape yleisurheilu
276zagac64disk c64 disk zaga
277zaxxon synapse softwarec64disk c64 disk zaxxon synapse software
278zeppelin synapse softwareataridisk atari disk zeppelin synapse software
279zeppelin synapse software new release instant hitataridisk atari disk zeppelin synapse software new release instant hit
280zodiacc64disk c64 disk zodiac
281zodiacc64tape c64 tape zodiac
282zone ranger australian releasec64cartridge c64 cartridge zone ranger australian release
283zynapsc64disk c64 disk zynaps